Jenise for Seniors

Coloradans work hard to reach retirement and they deserve to receive what they have put in to their retirement. People on fixed incomes cannot afford to absorb increases in cost of living and medical expenses as they age. Without adequate income, and proper protections, many older Coloradans end up relying on their children, who are already struggling to raise their own families, for support. I have a record of supporting the needs of people 65 and older: Senior Homestead Tax Exemption During my time on the Joint Budget Committee, we fully-funded the Senior Homestead Tax Exemption, which enables Coloradans who are 65 and older can stay in their own communities without fear of being priced out by increasing property taxes. Senior Services In the same year, we increased funding for senior services by approximately $3.9 million for services like Meals-On-Wheels and Old Age Pensions to enable Coloradans to maintain their independence. Elder Abuse I also voted to fund the Elder Abuse Hotline so people who are exploited have a place to seek assistance. Retirement Security Today in Colorado only 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men who are 65 and older receive any type of private pension. (You do not need citations on web pages unless you want people to to leave this page to research another) Currently 80% of workers in small firms with less than 50 employees lack access to a retirement plan in the workplace. That’s why I supported a bill to create the Colorado Retirement Security Taskforce to make recommendations for providing greater retirement security for hardworking Coloradans. I will fight for passage of this bill so we can begin to tackle this issue. Harvey Lovato, Association of Retired Americans “Jenise and I have had many discussions on issues that matter to retired Coloradans. She gets it. We need her voice in the State Senate.”