JeniseMay_0526Jenise is a 4th generation Colorado native, and grew up in the Denver area. Her parents are working class folks who value personal responsibility, social causes that are effective and fiscal accountability. Her dad was a small business owner who started several auto upholstery shops, and her mother worked in human services for Adams County. Jenise comes from a large extended family in Colorado, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. a maternal great grandmother who has lived in North Denver in the same house since 1925; a paternal great grandmother out east in the Fort Morgan and Sterling areas. She knows something of the rural agricultural life, and her upbringing instilled the value of hard work, of looking out for family, friends and co-workers, and of standing up for those without a voice. Jenise has several military veterans in her immediate family, including a husband and, two stepsons who are veterans, and a daughter who is currently in the National Guard. She is a strong advocate for veteran’s rights and benefits. She was honored by a veteran’s group for her strong support in 2013. Jenise started in human services, and worked her way up over a 26 year career to the job of Deputy Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS). In that position she oversaw more than 2000 employees and managed an $800 million budget. She championed several state nursing home initiatives, fostered growth and advocated for job retention, and acted as a spokesperson for the department, both with the media and with the state legislature. In the legislature she was appointed to the Joint Budget Committee in her first term. Some of the accomplishments were: allowed Community Colleges to offer 4-year degrees in applied sciences, establishing a statewide child welfare hotline for abused and neglected children, increased the TABOR reserved to 6%, increase higher education funding and capped tuition increase, reduced business property taxes while still increasing K-12 funding. I now want to continue to take that experience and those values and represent the people of Senate District 25 in the state legislature.

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